It is very important that you have read the Danish Downhill Cup regulations before participating in any of the annual races.

Participating in the Danish Downhill Cup is at your own risk.
The organizers of the Danish Downhill Cup and DEDF can not be held accountable for any personal or material damage that you may cause to yourself or others while participating in the Danish Downhill Cup.
The organizers encourage the riders to investigate if they have an insurance that covers personal damage caused while participating in and MTB or Downhill race.
Any personal or material damage that is inflicted on a rider while participating in a race is not insured by the Danish Downhill Cup or DEDF.
The organizers can at each race require to see valid identification.

It is required that every participant below the age of 18 has the signature of a legal guardian on the signup sheet

Race Participation
Every race is a two day weekend event.

Saturday the track is open for training.
Sunday the track is open for training until 12 am where the races begin.

Due to safety reasons each rider has to complete one full run on each track during practice, before participating in the actual race.

Each season of the Danish Downhill Cup consists of two classes.

Cup Class:
Gives access to all races in the current season of the Danish Downhill Cup.
Ensures participation in the lottery of sponsor gifts at the end of each race.
Riders in the Cup Class earn points that count in standings of the current season in the Danish Downhill Cup.
The rider with the most points at the end of the season is announced as the new champion of the Danish Downhill Cup.
The point system of the Cup Class can be seen by checking out the overall standings for past seasons on the Results page.
Signup for the Cup Class can be done throughout the whole season.

Open Class:
For one day riders.
Does not give access to the lottery at the end of each race.
Open Class riders does not get any points that counts towards the overall standing in the current season.
Open Class riders will only figure in the results for the individual races.
If a rider switches from Open Class to Cup Class during a season, he or she will not get any points towards the overall standing from races that went down before the point of the Cup Class signup.

Protection and Safety.
It is required that each rider wears an approved fullface helmet during practice as well as racing.
That means a fullface helmet that has been cast in one piece, with jar protection that cannot be removed from the helmet.

It is not required that each rider is wearing back protection, but it is highly suggested.

Neck protection, knee protection, gloves and goggles are also highly recommended.

The Danish Downhill Cup will ensure that qualified medical personel is present at each race (sunday).

The condition of each bike participating in a race in the Danish Downhill Cup has to good. The bike has to be fitted with two fully functional and approved brakes. The organizers can ban a bike from the race if they deem the condition of bike to be insufficient.
Electrical and motor assisted bikes are not allowed in any of the races.

If participation in the latest season of the cup can be confirmed, the rider will be given his or her past ranking as the rider number for the current season.

The numberplate must be clearly visible on the bike at each race of the season. The numberplate has to be mounted in the front of the bikes head tube.
Open Class riders will get numbers from 100 and upwards.
Each rider get one numberplate for each season.
If the rider looses his or her numberplate, a new one can be bought at the price of 50kr.
It is not allowed to add more sponsors to the number plate. Only the sponsors of the Danish Downhill Cup are allowed to be presented on the number plate.
It is allowed to modify the number plate as long as all sponsor are still fully visible.

Check In
Check in has to be done before 11.00 AM on each raceday.

The start order is not fixed. Exceptions to this rule can be made at the individual races.

Riders Meeting
There will be a riders meeting at 11.45 AM on each race day of the season. On this meeting the riders are presented with information relevant to the race and the event in general.

Before the riders starts the race timer by opening the start gate with his front wheel, the bike has to be situated as close to the closed start gate as possible. The rider is disqualified from the race run if the start gate is opened with anything but the front wheel of the bike.

The Track
The final layout of the track is marked by 12 AM Saturday of each race weekend. After this point it is not allowed to change anything on the track. If manmade constructions that are a part of the track break down, then this should immediately be reported to the race organizers.

During a race the rider has to stay on the marked track at all time. If the riders goes outside the marked track, he or she has to enter the track at the location where the track was exited. If the rider fails to do this, he or she is disqualified from the current race run.

The riders and his or her bike has to cross the finish line at the same time in order for the registered time to be valid.

New Run
If the timing of a race run is disrupted by anything but the rider, the rider will get the option to do a new run.

Alcohol and Drugs
Riders under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be banned from practice and race runs.

We hope that you will respect the rules. They are made with the goal of benefitting all participants and spectators.
Enjoy the race!